Dean Allison Talking about – TV star Chris Evans

U.K. radio and TV personality Chris Evans is taking over the globally popular “Top Gear” nearly three months after the British Broadcasting Corp. fired star Jeremy Clarkson following an altercation with a producer.

Evans, who presents “The Chris Evans Breakfast Show” on BBC Radio 2, signed a three-year deal to lead a new lineup for “Top Gear,” which focuses on automobiles. Production will begin within the next few weeks, the BBC said.


                                                                                 Chris Evans

“I’m thrilled, ‘Top Gear’ is my favourite programme of all time,” Evans said in a BBC press release. “Created by a host of brilliant minds who love cars and understand how to make the massively complicated come across as fun, devil-may-care and effortless. ”

The BBC fired Clarkson in late March after the broadcaster had previously suspended him earlier that month. At the time, the BBC said in a report that an internal investigation concluded that Clarkson had struck producer Oisin Tymon after verbally attacking him.

Clarkson’s suspension and eventual dismissal created a firestorm among fans of the show, which has an audience of about 350 million, making it among the most popular TV series on the planet.


Dean Allison talking about Bronwyn Kathleen Bishop

Bronwyn Kathleen Bishop ( born 19 October 1942) is an Australian politician who is the 29th and current Speaker of the House of Representatives, holding the office since 12 November 2013.

Bishop has been a member of the Australian House of Representatives for the Liberal Party since 1994, representing the Division of Mackellar in New South Wales.

Earlier, between 1987 and 1994, she represented New South Wales in the Senate. Bishop held ministerial portfolios during the Howard Government, serving as Minister for Defence Industry, Science and Personnel from 1996 to 1998 and as Minister for Aged Care from 1998 to 2001. In October 2014, she surpassed Kathy Sullivan’s record for the longest period of parliamentary service by a woman.

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                                                                Bronwyn Kathleen Bishop

Parliamentary Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has accused the Australian Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs of being ‘too political’ during an exchange on live television.

A damning report released by the commission revealed the mistreatment of asylum seeker children in detention under the Abbott government, forcing the government to deny they had asked Professor Triggs to resign earlier this year.

Appearing on ABC’s Q&A, which was broadcast from Parliament House in Canberra last night, Ms Bishop said the report had made Triggs a “very political figure”.

Dean Allison go through the news and found the report –

That report of yours was seen by many, including me, as one that was, if it was to be done, should have been done under the previous government when there were 2000 children [in detention], but you chose to do it afterwards, and that made it very political,” Ms Bishop said.

Professor Triggs defended her position and said the commission operated based on the rule of law.

“My position is not a political one. We work according to the law at the Australian Human Rights Commission and we try to ensure that our evidence is accurate, and well-founded.

“Of course, many of our findings and recommendations are interpreted in political ways,” she said.

Dean Allison talking about Gabi Grecko Pregnancy

Posting on Instagram, Florida-born Grecko Edelsten, 26, shared the news by uploading a picture of a positive pregnancy test, followed by a picture of the expectant mum receiving a kiss on the cheek from her husband, 72.

Grecko said the pregnancy was not planned and came as a shock.


                                                                GabiGrecko Pregnancy

“I’ve been feeling sick for weeks, felt horrible now I know why,” she told Fairfax Media.

Gabi Grecko Edelsten is about four weeks pregnant. The couple are expecting their first child in February 2016.

Gabi Grecko Edelsten is about four weeks pregnant. The couple are expecting their first child in February 2016.

“Me and Geoff are so happy we feel so blessed he told me before we were even engaged that I was the only woman he’d had ever wanted children with. He cried when we found out.

While the newlyweds have about eight months to prepare the nursery, they are already deciding on baby names.

“We’re thinking Geoffrey the Second if it’s a boy,” she added.

The former owner of the Sydney Swans has just one other son, 26-year-old Matthew, with whom he is estranged.

Grecko Edelsten is no stranger to breaking big news via the popular social media site, having announced her separation from Edelsten on Instagram, after he proposed to her at the Melbourne Cup.

The news comes just days before Edelsten‘s ex-wife, Brynne, will sit down for a ‘tell-all’ interview with Channel Ten’s Studio 10 morning show on Tuesday.

Dean Allison talking about – DUSTY RHODES WWE LEGEND DIES

The death of Virgil Runnels, which was his real name, was announced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

His long and glittering career, which began in the late 1960s, earned him a place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

“Runnels became a hero to fans around the world thanks to his work ethic, his impassioned interviews and his indomitable spirit,” said WWE.

The statement went on to describe him as a “creative visionary who helped shape the landscape of WWE” long after his retirement from the ring.


                                           DUSTY RHODES WWE

Tributes poured in for the Texan-born fighter, who won several world titles and became famous during the height of wrestling’s popularity in the 1970s and 1980s.

“Saddened to hear the passing of Dusty Rhodes. Legend, teacher, mentor, friend … Love you Dream,” said professional wrestler Paul Levesque, also known as Triple H.

“My mentor,” tweeted Ric Flair. “Much love to your family and more respect than can ever be measured. Love you Dream.”

A WWE spokesman declined to give a cause of death or any details on where he died.

Early career-

Rhodes started his career as a rule-breaking heel, tagging with fellow Texan Dick Murdoch to form the tag team The Texas Outlaws in the American Wrestling Association.


On June 10, 2015, emergency personnel responded to Rhodes’ home in Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday morning after getting a call reporting he had taken a fall. Rhodes was then transported to a nearby hospital where he eventually died. Rhodes is survived by his four children, including Cody Runnels and Dustin Runnels, along with his wife.

Floodwaters in Brisbane

Two adults and a young child have died in floodwaters in Brisbane after a ferocious storm hit the region.

Dean Allison Firefighter

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed the deaths on Friday night, telling reporters that a man, a woman and a young child had been killed.

“On behalf of all Queenslanders we express our deepest sympathies. This is a tragedy,” she said.

Firefighters were called to Dances Road at Cabooolture about 5.35pm to reports of a submerged car but were unable to save the occupants.

Some drivers resorted to abandoning their cars after becoming stuck in traffic gridlock due to the storm conditions.

The Anzac Test between Australia and New Zealand at Suncorp Stadium was also officially been postponed until Sunday due to the weather.

Three people killed in car washed off flooded Queensland road

Three people are confirmed dead after their car washes off a flooded road at Caboolture, north of Brisbane. Authorities conducted 19 swift-water rescues across south-east Queensland as torrential downpours gripped the region.

Dean Allison firefighter


It is common for politicians’ names to be known around the world in a good and/or bad ways. In addition, everyone knows about them regardless the fact that they met them physically or not. Such politicians are more well-known in being captured for their contribution and activities by the media. In addition, many channels of television displayed them. On the other hand, the internet is also full of relevant details of these personalities and researchers can easily doing research on them at any time without trouble.

When it comes to politics, few names must be known because of their noticeable services provided. Dean Allison is among them. He is a member of Canadian parliament and he is also a well-known personality providing valuable services to the country with his remarkable efforts.

The oriented performance of Dean Allison fire has been always so exciting that the country consider an honor by hiring at a better and higher position in the arena of politic. Dean Allison was appointed as the leader of the House of Common of Canada and for three times, he has been appointed as a Member of Parliament of West Glambrook in Canada.

It is an established fact that the reputation of Dean Allison firefighter is great not only in the whole state but also in the whole world. The biggest reason to explain his great reputation is his constant efforts to serve people.

Dean Allison is committed to his responsibilities and work. In addition, he has been considerate about being disciplined and honest in his dealings. He had a large experience in this arena since he worked in it from numerous years and knows very well the ways and strategies for carrying better his responsibilities and for making the country a better place.

Dean Allison firefighter is a reliable Member of Parliament who takes the national matters to the highest stage. Even if politic is not the background of his family, the outstanding capabilities found in Dean Allison fire. He has a wonderful track record which is completely clean. There are only few politicians with a clean record and Dean Allison is one of them.

Dean runs also his private equity company that is the fruit of his own effort. He started the firm just after finishing his studies and up to date, he kept leading it successfully along with his national responsibilities.

Dean Allisonfirefighter is a politician who works very hard day and night in order to serve the state and preserve his reputation in a better way. He is a personality who keeps everything in a perfect balance. He studies economics and uses his knowledge and smartness in the appropriate way that is benefitting not only his private firm but also the economy of the country is being improved. He performs multiple tasks with honesty and competence.

Dean Allison is also connected to numerous philanthropic activities and he never stops helping the poor and needy humanity. He is a man of honor and due to his fight for Russian people against their problems; the government of this country along with few other countries banned him from entering their territories.